Full time 2020 Accommodation Applications are open for all students.


Temporary accommodation

Students or visitors associated with the University may make a request to stay in on-campus accommodation on a temporary or casual basis.

Prices vary dependent on length of stay and accommodation type (building).

Apply short stay (PDF) or

Apply short stay (starez)

Fees, schedule and payment options

How much it costs to live on campus and how you can pay.

Internet and mail

How to connect to the internet, make and receive phone calls and how to get mail when you're living on campus.

Room cancellations

A room cancellation needs to be considered carefully. When cancelling your room or offer of a place, a cancellation fee may apply.

Residential appeals

A Residential Appeal is a process by which on-campus students living in CSU’s Halls of Residence may appeal accommodation charges that they believe have been incorrectly applied to their account.

Work with Residence Life

Become a Head Resident, Residential Adviser, Sustainability Adviser, or Residential Study Coordinator

Residence Life has on-campus employment and leadership opportunities that range from year-round peer support, to sustainability leadership, and creative media projects. Like the Residence Life at CSU Facebook page to hear about opportunities as they arise.

  • What does a Residential Adviser do?

    The Residential Advisers, or RA's are selected for their knowledge of problems faced by resident students and their ability to assist. RA's are the conduit between the residents and the management of the Halls of Residence.

    Each RA has between 24 and 48 residents in their area. Regular meetings and functions are held throughout the year, there is always something going on!

  • How can they help me?

    RA's have all been first-year students at some stage and have a full appreciation of how new students feel and the apprehension some first years may have. RA's are the people you go to if you have a problem of any type, whether it is to do with your studies, the residences or some other issue in your life that you need assistance with. RA's are not counsellors, but they are trained in knowing what service is best to refer you to, they are there to help.

    There are RA's at each campus, additionally there are Head residents who supervise the RA's. There are also two Managers, Residential Operations, who are full-time professionals and manage the scheme at each major campus. The Managers are supported by four full-time Residential Operations Coordinators (located on all campuses).

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