Our policy library is the authoritative source of academic and administrative policies, procedures, guidelines, rules and regulations of the university.

Your subject outline should be read in conjunction with academic policies and regulations available in the Charles Sturt University Policy Library. This includes policies and regulations such as those listed below:

Policy to ensure that staff involved in academic work and all students at Charles Sturt University have a shared understanding of academic integrity and its fundamental value for learning, teaching and research. Policy covers plagiarism, cheating and collusion.

See our Academic Integrity Policy

This policy sets out the requirements for the assessment of students at Charles Sturt University and is supported by five procedures. These outline the expectations of academics and students. This policy also contains details regarding special consideration.

See our Assessment Policy

Supporting procedures

This procedure explains how the academic progress of domestic and international coursework students will be monitored, the consequences of not maintaining satisfactory progress, and how you will be supported if you are not meeting requirements.

See our Assessment Academic Progress Procedure

Outlines the conditions and obligations associated with authorised use of Charles Sturt's computing and communication facilities.

See our Computing and Communications Facilities Use Policy

This policy sets out the requirements for each stage of your course and subjects. This includes:

  • design and development
  • approval
  • delivery
  • management
  • continuous improvement
  • phasing out (courses) or obsolescence (subjects).

See our course and Subject Policy

The Enrolment Policy outlines the requirements for students and the University to consistently and fairly manage subject enrolments and fees

See our Enrolment Policy

This policy details the requirements pertaining to Higher Degree by Research.

See our Higher Degree by Research Policy

A university-wide framework to guide the lawful and ethical use of Learning Analytics to improve learning and teaching at Charles Sturt.

See our Learning Analytics Code of Practice

Rule governing aspects of operation of the Library.

See our Library Rule

Outlines the roles and responsibilities of students at Charles Sturt.

See our Student Charter

Policy which applies to academic misconduct allegedly committed by students enrolled in subjects or undertaking research at the University.

See our Student Misconduct Rule

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