CSU Replay (Recorded Lectures)

CSU Replay is a playback service for watching and listening to pre-recorded lectures.

You have the option to:

  • Watch and listen to content online (stream) or download for later
  • Access recordings from iTunes by subscribing to the Podcast using the CSU Replay RSS feeds
  • Access recordings from a computer or mobile device
  • Request an account to download and use CSU Replay (ask your lecturer)

Use of CSU Replay in your subjects

Use of CSU Replay is at the discretion of your lecturer. You will be advised if your lectures or tutorials will be recorded using CSU Replay. If available, CSU Replay will be listed as a tool in your Interact subject site. You can also add the RSS feed for the CSU Replay tool to iTunes for viewing and listening on your Apple device (iPad, iPhone, iPod).

Watch, listen or download

Login to Interact2, select your subject site and click the CSU Replay link on the left (list of tools).

  1. Select your desired playback method:
    • Play - watch content online (this will not reduce your internet quota). Once you've launched the player, it will load the player in a new tab.
  2. When selecting your desired playback method, a copyright warning will appear. Read to ensure you are aware of the penalties for distribution of this content.

Some Apple device users have reported an issue when accessing videos via Interact2 where videos are automatically playing and overriding other content. To prevent this, follow the steps to prevent cross-site tracking in Safari on Mac.

Internet settings

When you are playing a CSU Replay recording, the playback will be auto detected for your bandwidth. If you wish to override these settings, click on the Quality button to High or Medium from Automatic.

Connection options

  • Auto-Select - configured by default and will detect your connection speed to the server.
  • High - forces the streaming content to be sent at the high quality. Selecting this on a slower internet connection can result in a poor viewing experience.
  • Medium – a lower resolution video that will stream quicker. This is helpful if you find that your internet connection speed varies and your playback buffers regularly.

Using screen readers

CSU Replay is compatible with screen readers. See more information about Accessibility Features.

Unable to login

If you cannot login to CSU Replay, check your popup blockers. Ensure they are turned off. Popup blockers can generally be found in your web browser and also the Google search toolbar. Some security software also have popup blockers. If required, search the product help to locate instructions for turning off popup blockers.

If you are using a firewall - please check your firewall settings and allow connections on port 443.

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