Submit a proposal to run a student event

Events are an important part of student life, and we are here to help you plan a successful and safe student event.

All organised Student Representative, Student Clubs or Residence activities or events must be submitted through the University student event approval process.

Four steps to submit your event idea

Step 1

Plan your event

The things you'll need to think about when planning your event include:

  • event name
  • event overview and description
  • age group/demographic
  • location/date/time
  • number of attendees
  • objectives
  • proposed theme
  • risk assessment
  • sustainability.

Download our sustainable events guide

Step 2

Discuss your idea

Once you've sketched out the key details, it's time to get feedback from the experts. Discuss your idea with either a:

You can find contact details for the student representation and clubs officer on your campus at the bottom of this page.

Step 3

Prepare your proposal

Once you've implemented any feedback, you're ready to put together a proposal. You'll need to complete the following documents:

If you need help completing any of these documents, a student representation and clubs officer can help.

Step 4

Submit your proposal

Well done! You're now ready to submit your event for approval.

Submit event request form

It’s important you receive approval before you start organising your event. Please allow at least two weeks for this, and three days for activity submissions.

Get support

To find out more, speak to your Student Representation & Clubs Officer, book an appointment or email us.

Kerry Read

Student Representation & Clubs Officer
Phone: 02 6051 9435
Monday – Friday
Building/Room: 725/116

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Alexandra Cary

Student Representation & Clubs Officer
Monday - Thursday
Phone: 02 63384765
Building: 1413/108

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Matt Hilder

Student Representation & Clubs Officer
Phone: 02 6365 7658
Monday – Friday
Building/Room: 1001/A.25

Book an appointment

Kris Gersbach

Coordinator Student Connection
Phone: 02 6885 7303
Monday – Friday
Building: 901/146

Book an appointment

Emily Kass

Student Representation & Clubs Officer
Phone: 02 6582 9496
Tuesday – Friday
Building/Room: 801/2027

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Kalindi Edgar

Student Representation & Clubs Officer
Phone: 02 6933 2112
Monday – Friday
Building/Room: 18/101

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