Welcome to the Office of the Deputy Vice-Chancellor and Vice President (Research and Engagement).

The Deputy Vice-Chancellor (Research and Engagement) (DVC RE) is responsible for research; research training; partnership with industry and end-users to enhance research and maximise research impact; the commercialisation agenda; national and international education partnerships; research ethics and compliance; Indigenous education and research leadership; and the development and implementation of strategies and policies in these areas that increase capability, quality and impact in accordance with the goals of the current University Strategy and with agreed strategic directions beyond the current strategy.

The Deputy Vice-Chancellor (Research and Engagement) has a vision for Charles Sturt University to:

  • Undertake world-class research that has meaningful and transformative bearing at local, national and global levels
  • Work with industry and end-users to deliver high impact research outcomes
  • Empower Indigenous people through high-quality education and ground-breaking research
  • Excel in the development and management of international programs and linkages.

A specific focus of the Office of the DVC RE is to work collaboratively to lift the overall performance of the University in line with the University Strategy.

The DVC RE has sponsorship of the Our Communities component of the University Strategy 2017-2022.

The DVC RE stewards the development of collaborative connections between Charles Sturt University and industry, end-users and stakeholders to strengthen and expand the research agenda. Closer strategic partnerships are sought based on the internationally competitive nature and relevance of Charles Sturt research and the opportunity to provide Higher Degree by Research students with a more comprehensive training. Research at Charles Sturt University is underpinned by the Charles Sturt University Research Narrative which encapsulates three interdisciplinary research spheres: Resilient People, Flourishing Communities and Sustainable Environments.

The DVC RE is also leading the development of the AgriSciences Research and Business Park (the AgriPark) at the Wagga Wagga campus that extends beyond the Charles Sturt research agenda and will bring research, innovation, education and employment opportunities to the region.


Research impact

Ethics and compliance