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Office of the DVC RDI

The Office of the DVC RDI includes the following key areas:

  • Our Communities: the Director of Knowledge Exchange and Engagement and the Strategic Advisor – Regional Impact drive the Our Communities strategy within the University Strategy
  • AgriSciences Research and Business Park, the AgriPark
  • Innovation Initiatives including Incubators

Office of Global Engagement and Partnerships (OGEP)

We facilitate and manage Charles Sturt University relationships and formal agreements with:

  • international institutions
  • institutions with Australian vocational education partners
  • Technical and Further Education (TAFE) Colleges

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Research Office

The Research Office facilitates achievement of the University's strategic priorities in research and research training, including"

  • management of Higher Degree by Research candidature
  • research grants
  • contract management
  • specialist research support services
  • research analytics and reporting
  • professional development and skills training
  • policy leadership

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Ethics and Compliance Unit

The Ethics and Compliance Unit is responsible for the operational management of ethics and compliance at Charles Sturt University. They provide institutional oversight, leadership and operational management of the following compliance committees:

Office of Indigenous Affairs

The Office of Indigenous Affairs has direct oversight of:

  • the Indigenous Education Strategy
  • external and community relations
  • institute-wide activities to enhance advancement of Indigenous staff
  • the retention and success of Indigenous Australian students

The Office also works to advance Indigenous research output and the scholarship of Indigenous learning and knowledges. They do this by building engagement between Charles Sturt University's research and Indigenous Communities.

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University Research Centres

Charles Sturt University has 4 University Research Centres. These centres are designed to bring together staff around a coherent research theme that has broad influence and engagement across the University.

Our centres are outwardly connected. They engage in identifying, pursuing and sharing intellectual leadership of large collaborative opportunities in research with quality domestic and international partners.

The research conducted within the Centres is strongly complemented by research conducted with the Faculties of the University.