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Analytics and Evaluations

CSU is committed to enhancing learning and teaching through the use of data and analytics, such as:

We bring together such diverse data and analytics to improve student learning through the frame of Adaptive Learning and Teaching.

Adaptive Learning and Teaching is comprised of three elements:

  1. Personalised learning - using analytics-based technologies to personalise or differentiate learning experiences.
  2. Personalised support - using analytics to support student learning in targeted ways through evidence-based interventions and feedback.
  3. Data-informed practice - using learning and teaching data to inform decision-making, reflective practice in teaching and design, and management of quality standards.

The Adaptive Learning and Teaching Community Site provides support resources for applying these elements, as well as news and updates from across the field. It is also home to the CSU Learning Analytics Research Network.

The Adaptive Learning and Teaching Services team is responsible for leading our strategies in this area.