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Evaluating Learning & Teaching

Evaluating learning and teaching is a key part of enhancing student learning. Seeking and acting upon feedback from students can enable us to better adapt to student learning and students' needs.

To enable such adaptation, our evaluation tools need to be focussed on the key elements of the learning process that i) greatly impact on student learning and ii) are within the control of teaching staff to address.  To this end, CSU has developed a Subject Experience Survey (SuES) as our tool for formal subject evaluations.

The SuES gathers feedback on aspects of learning design and delivery that have been shown to be influential on student success, including:

  • Clear learning outcomes aligned to assessment tasks and learning experiences
  • Engaging learning experiences: Assessment tasks and supportive learning activities assist learning
  • Opportunity for collaborative learning experiences
  • Currency of knowledge and skills development
  • Learning enhanced by technology
  • Timely and useful feedback provided
  • Students develop the ability to judge the quality of their own work against standards
  • Visible connection of subject and course(s)
  • Appropriate Workloads (CSU Subject Workload requirements 140-160 hours for all activities per 8 points)

The SuES focuses student feedback on the things that matter and avoids problematic generic measures like "satisfaction with a subject".  Thus, it allows us to incorporate the student voice into curriculum review and design processes in a meaningful way, while also providing evidence for academic promotions and compliance requirements.

About the Survey Instrument

The SuES is a self-complete survey that consists of core questions or items (21 items for general subjects and 19 items for workplace learning subjects). There is also the ability to add customised questions  to the core items.

You can learn more about the core items used in the SuES here: SuES Questions.

You can find more information on how to use the survey system and the key survey dates via the links below, or you can visit the Frequent Asked Questions section of this site.

How to Access Your Survey Results

Brief User Guide to CoursEval, the SuES survey system

When the survey results are released for each session/term, an email will be sent to each Head of School and Subject Coordinator containing a link to your survey results.

Current and historic survey results can be accessed by Heads of School and Subject Coordinators by going to this website. Heads of School and Subject Coordinators can also go into any i2 subject site and click the Evaluation link on the left-hand navigation menu to view a complete set of survey results for your school or subject.

SuES Key Dates 


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