Course design

The Curriculum Design, Accreditation and Publication (CDAP) system facilitates the management of the curriculum lifecycle at Charles Sturt University by enabling teams to work together more effectively on the review, design, accreditation and publication of courses and subjects. A system like this may be called a Curriculum Management System (CMS) at other institutions.

Learning how to use the CDAP system

The CDAP Staff Resources webpage is an evolving space for you to access on-demand professional learning modules and other helpful resources related to each module of the CDAP system. These are designed to take you through the CDAP system step-by-step. Please refer to your supervisor to determine how you might need to utilise CDAP.

Accessing the CDAP system

Using the CDAP system is as easy as logging in using your Charles Sturt credentials (i.e., username and password). Your ability to edit and view information is determined by permissions allocated to you. If you do not have access to a feature of CDAP and require additional permissions to complete your work, please follow the support instructions below.

Support with...