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Frequently Asked Questions

Why can't I access my survey?

If you're having a technical problem accessing the SES, please log an IT Service Desk Request at:

When do reports become available?

Reports become available to academic staff approximately a week after the survey closes for each session or term. You will be notified by email when your report(s) are available.

When can I customise my survey and how long do I have?

Surveys open for customisation toward the end of each session or term.  You will be sent an email notifying you that your survey(s) are open for customisation.  We generally allow a minimum of a week for customisations.  You will be sent a reminder before the end of the customisation period.

When customising questions, please be mindful that students are asked to complete the SES for each subject in which they are enrolled.  Typically, the longer it takes students to complete the survey, the lower the response rate.

Why can't I access my report?

Reports only become accessible after the survey closes.  This is to protect the integrity of the data collection process. You will be notified by email when your report(s) become available.

If you believe you should be able to access your report(s) but cannot, please contact DSL at:

Why can't I find my older reports?

Historical reports (i.e. surveys for sessions prior to 201330) can be found at

How can I improve my response rates?

You can help us improve response rates by communicating the importance of the SES to your students and explaining to them how their feedback is used in the continual improvement of CSU's learning and teaching. It has been found that academic staff who actively interact with their students regarding the survey have a higher chance of students responding than academics who only send electronic reminders to complete the survey.

The SES can also be accessed by mobile devices.  For internal students, you may consider giving them time to complete the SES in class.

What if a student leaves inappropriate comments in a survey?

The University can undertake an investigation of student responses should they make comments that are abusive, threatening or discriminatory. In these circumstances, students can be identified and disciplinary action taken by the CSU Ombudsman.

To Initiate a complaint about such comments, please email:

Why is my subject listed as a workplace learning (WPL) subject?

All subjects with greater that 75% workplace learning component are classified as WPL within SES.  This classification is based on information contained within CASIMS. Changing the classification of a subject within the SES can only be achieved by working through the CASIMS approval process.

Can I find out which students said what?

No.  Students provide their feedback on a confidential basis. Only under circumstances where a student has made abusive, threatening or discriminatory comments will an identification process be undertaken for the purposes of disciplinary action.

Isn't it true that only the most disgruntled students complete these surveys?

While this may have some intuitive appeal, there is no real evidence to suggest this is the case.  Many CSU academic staff receive very strong SES ratings.

Can someone help me interpret my results?

If you would like some advice in the interpretation of your SES results, please contact