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Alternatives to the end of session exam - 2020

Possible alternatives to paper based end of session exams

For advice and exemplars of assessments that can legitimately replace an end of session exam, maintain academic integrity and be implemented relatively quickly, click on the hyperlinks in the table below.

Examples of possible alternatives to paper based exams Non-time limited Time-limited, non-invigilated, online Invigilated, online
Report X X  
Case study/scenario-based questions X X X
Essay X X X
Newspaper article/editorial X X  
Literature review X   
Short answer questions   X X
Multiple choice questions   X X
Student presentations X X  
Posters/infographics X   
Portfolio X   
Reflection X X  
Annotated bibliography X X  
Viva Voce  X X

Some suggestions for supporting academic integrity

  • Set questions that require students to make use of their subject material rather than simply locating or rewriting information.
  • Require students to submit workings, calculations, proofs or justifications for their answers.
  • Require student responses to be contextualised to their own experience.

Updating Subject Outline and EASTS/Grade Centre

When varying your subject outline to substitute an end of session exam with an assessment to be submitted via EASTS, leave the assessment number the same as it can cause issues if changed. Republish the outline and that should be all that is needed. EASTS is created overnight.