Subject Validation form

This guides the Moderator through filling in the Subject Validation form.

Do I need to complete this form?

You only need to complete this form if you see the 'Complete button' under the 'Actions' on the QUASAR home page.

Due date

This form is due 6 weeks before the start of the session. This gives sufficient time to fix any problems if they get identified.

What you need to do

You need to do a comprehensive review and answer four questions (about the assessment items, syllabus/modules, learning strategies and any other issues). You will need access to the subject design documents in order to answer these questions.

Subject designs can either be stored just in CDAP or in both CourseSpace and CDAP (with CourseSpace having the more detailed design). Although the questions are the same for both situations, the way to do the review is slightly different. The form automatically knows if CourseSpace has been used and the on-screen instructions reflect that.

For each question select ‘Yes’, ‘No’ or ‘Don’t Know’.

If 'Yes' or 'Don't know' then your comment is required. These responses will identify this subject has an issue that will need to be resolved.

Finalising the form

Once you have completed the review, you have two automated options:

  1. If no issues are identified in the review, then the ‘Sign off’ button will appear. This will approve the form. This completes the form for the given subject.
  2. If an issue has been identified, then the ‘Submit to HoS’ button will appear. This will send an email to the head of school (HoS) to determine how to resolve the issues identified. In order to help the HOS, please make provide clear comments.

The HOS may return this form to you if they need further information, or if the issue is minor enough for the normal Subject Outline QA process to address.