Use the ‘Report’ link (top right) to access the reporting functions.

You need Admin, SAC or HoS roles to access the reports. Each role has access to different reports. You will only see the reports you have access to.

For each report:

  • A description is provided next to each Report Button
  • To generate the report, click on the Report button
    • Enter appropriate parameters
    • Select "Submit"
  • View online or "Export CSV" (top right) to manipulate the report.

Reports available

Also known as the SAC Moderation Report. This report provides a summary of the Moderation and Grades records for each subject in a given session. Can be used by school assessment committees to confirm moderation has happened and approve the subject as well as create agenda and minutes. Also used by  schools to check grades are ready to transfer.

How to create

Also known as the Sign-off Status Report. This report provides a summary progress of all forms for each subject in a given session. Can be used by the school quality committee to process subjects. Additionally used by schools to send reminders to staff. Tabled at school board to indicate level of compliance.

How to create

This report provides a summary of all action items (for a school) with filters for status, type and date. Used to get records of all the improvements to subjects. Also used to help close outstanding items. Tabled at school board to show plans to improve subjects.

How to create

These reports are used to get a list of resources requested for subjects of a particular group (ALLaN, DLT, Library etc). Used to plan and prioritise work. All these reports are special cases of the action item report. So see help on the action item report for more details.

This report is used to collate academics’ reflection on the physical and virtual facilities that can be passed on to DFM and DIT.

This report produces a CSV file of all fields for chosen sessions. It is useful for sourcing data for accreditation or audits.

How to create a report