Workplace Learning subjects

QUASAR knows which subjects are Workplace Learning and indicates them with a WPL chip.

Workplace Learning subjects can often be completed outside the session in which it is formally offered. This means that grades are not always available in time for the first School Assessment Committee meeting for the session offering. Moderation and Grades forms can still be completed using the following procedure and Reflection and Planning will be completed after the final placement is finalised. Follow these procedures to manage due dates and reminder emails.

Workplace Learning subject have a green circular icon next to them, labelled WPL.

If your students do not complete their placements within the time frame of the session the subject is delivered in and you do not have all grades completed by the first SAC meeting you should:

  • As convenor, fill in the ‘whole cohort TA’ in the Moderation and Grades form adding a comment explaining why the cohort will not be completed on time, and selecting a conversion date to get an extension on filling in the Moderation and Grades form (WPL should already be there as a reason). This will suppress the reminders until the extended date.
  • In the reflection and planning, you can wait until the information is available which can mean waiting some time even up to the next SAC meeting. The reminders will come, but they can be ignored as these already state WPL subjects are likely to be on a different time scale.

WPL subjects can have a much different timescale and so will be reported separately.