Attending university an accomplishment

Established in 2001, the Indyamarra Scholarships are specifically designed to financially assist Indigenous students during their final year of study in the fields of Education, Nursing or Health. Valued at $7000, the scholarship is for students from regional and rural NSW with a desire to work in areas that will benefit the Koori community.

2017 Indyamarra Scholarship recipient Maurice Kelly graduated this year with a Bachelor of Health Science (Mental Health). “The scholarship means the world to me. I come from a low socio-economic background, second youngest of five children, and for me to attend university was an accomplishment on its own. I grew up thinking that I was never good enough or smart enough for university. I know my mum and dad are proud of me and so is my grandmother. I am the first grandchild out of 33 to graduate.”

Sofoni West

The struggle you face as a full-time student is not easy. The thought of not having to worry and stress about being in financial hardship brought joy to my heart. With this scholarship, I started thinking, ‘Maybe I can do this. I can do this!’ Without it, study would not be possible and I am forever thankful.

Sofoni West
Pharmacy, Charles Sturt Pharmacy Foundation Scholarship recipient