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Let's join together

Are you ready to make a difference in the lives of our students? Staffgive is the program for you! Together, we can create a positive impact that lasts a lifetime. From supporting student scholarships to funding research projects and community initiatives, your donation can change the world.

Our ultimate goal is to provide scholarships to every student in need. And guess what? We're already making a difference! Thanks to Staffgive, 99 students have achieved their dreams and are living their best lives. We're almost at our 100th scholarship, and we need YOUR help to get there.

Join the Staffgive family today. It's easy - simply fill out the Payroll Deduction Form and nominate an amount that suits your budget. All donations over $2 are tax deductible and go directly towards supporting our students. So what are you waiting for?

As a further gesture of our appreciation, we have an exclusive opportunity to offer our supporters access to write a bespoke Will through our partnership with Australia's leading online Will writing platform, Safewill.

Why I Give?

Peter Greening

I chose to support Staffgive because I had seen the transformative effect that a scholarship could have on a students’ experience. One of my student casual staff members was awarded a scholarship in her second year and I witnessed the way it changed her life. She could work less, focus on her studies and not have to be as stressed around how she could afford to study for the career she wanted.

I have been lucky enough to engage with the Charles Sturt Foundation over the years, and have had first hand experience in assessing applications for the Foundation scholarship. I would strongly encourage anyone who believes in what we are doing as a University to consider a fortnightly donation via Staffgive.

Peter Greening Associate Director, Admissions and Conversion • Division of Students

By donating from your pay, you're giving our students the chance to succeed. Staffgive has already raised over $400,000, and we're just getting started. Your contribution can make a difference in the areas of student financial need and change lives forever.

Funds raised from the program go towards three types of scholarship:

The Staffgive Student scholarship

The Staffgive Student scholarship

Available to all commencing and continuing students. Criteria considers financial hardship, community/regional involvement and career goals and aspirations.

The Staffgive Research scholarship

The Staffgive Research scholarship

Available to all continuing students studying a research based degree. Criteria requires 500 words demonstrating the regional focus of their research.

 The Staffgive Work placement scholarship

The Staffgive Work placement scholarship

Available to continuing students to assist with the costs of work placements. Criteria considers nature, length, time and location of placement