Staff giving

As a staff member, you know first-hand the value of an education.

Now there's a simple way you can help make education more accessible to all.

CSUgive is a workplace giving program designed to provide CSU staff with another very tangible way to directly change lives.

Contributing staff commit to specified fortnightly deductions from their pay with gifts ranging from $2 to over $200.

Since its establishment in 2015 staff participation has risen to over 10% and more than $70,000 raised per year.

Funds raised from the program go towards three types of scholarship:

  • The CSUGive Student scholarship – available to all commencing and continuing students. Criteria considers financial hardship, community/regional involvement and career goals and aspirations.
  • The CSUGive Research scholarship – available to all continuing students studying a research based degree. Criteria requires 500 words demonstrating the regional focus of their research.
  • The CSUGive Work placement scholarship – available to continuing students to assist with the costs of work placements. Criteria considers nature, length, time and location of placement.

Let's join together

Through CSUgive, we can join together to make a positive, lasting contribution to initiatives like student scholarships, research projects and community initiatives.

If all staff donated $2 each fortnight through payroll... We'd raise over $110,000 annually.

This adds to the $1.3M that will be given in Scholarships this year – a fantastic outcome for our students and their communities.

Getting involved is easy. Simply use the Payroll Deduction Form and nominate an amount that suits your budget. You can also nominate how you'd like your contribution to be used. All gifts over $2 are tax deductible.

Download the form to your desktop, save and send to

Download the Payroll Deduction Form