Mal’s impact still felt today

Esteemed educator Mal Walker had a great deal of interest in studying how modern institutions like policing impacted on people of third world countries and within Australian Aboriginal communities.

Working with both the NSW Police and Department of Community Services he helped to establish programs that dealt with juvenile cautioning, as opposed to court proceedings, and programs that allowed Aboriginal people to deal with their own juvenile offenders. A highlight of his career at Charles Sturt was his intrinsic involvement in the establishment of the highly regarded Police Management Course.

In 2017, Mal’s wife Sheila Walker donated $25,000 to establish an annual prize in Mal’s name. Valued at $1,500.

Commencing in 2019 the award will be known as the Mal Walker Memorial Scholarship with a value of $3,000.00 annually. The Scholarship is open to students studying – Bachelor of Criminal Justice / Bachelor of Laws / Bachelor of Nursing / Bachelor of Para-medicine / Bachelor of Psychology / Bachelor of Social Science (Psychology).Preference is given to applicants who are the first in their family to attend university or those of Aboriginal or Torres Strait Islander descent