New scholarship gives Indigenous students pathway to media

Long-time supporters of Charles Sturt's Communication students, the Omnicom Media Group has added to its two existing scholarships by establishing a new $4000 Indigenous Media Pathway Scholarship. This scholarship moves beyond traditional Communication disciplines to allow Indigenous students from a variety of areas, such as Business, Information
Technology and Accounting, to go to Australia’s largest media and communications agency for work placement.

OMD’s People & Development Director Martin Cowie said this scholarship is designed to assist Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander students interested in working in the media sector to gain experience and knowledge in this area.

“As part of OMD’s Reconciliation Action Plan, we are committed to increasing our employment of people from Indigenous background. To help achieve this, we turned to our long-term partners Charles Sturt to find students from an Indigenous background to intern with us and hopefully become permanent OMD employees. We look forward to welcoming our first Charles Sturt Indigenous student scholarship winning intern in 2018 and training them for a long-term career in the media industry.”