Theatre brings Emma to life

Academically gifted, it was always assumed Emma Van Veen would go to university. After finishing high school with an ATAR of 98.95, Emma decided to take a gap year and decide for herself if this assumed path was, in fact, right for her.

Emma spent the year exploring her passions. She travelled and spent time in Nepal volunteering with Asha, an organisation that assists survivors of child sex trafficking. She also immersed herself in Art where she fell in love with the theatre. “During this time, I was given my first opportunity to direct and came alive. My life became absorbed by set designs, lighting grids and blocking notes.”

Each experience in her gap year affirmed Emma’s desire to attend university and pursue her passion for theatre.

The 2017 Dr Peter Hodgson Scholarship allowed Emma to study a Bachelor of Communication (Theatre Media) and pursue her passion without carrying a heavy financial burden. It also allowed Emma to devote what spare time she had to continue supporting organisations such as Asha.

“In studying theatre and media, I aspire to arm myself with tools that invoke thought and change within the community. To place myself among the many artists who define and reflect the countless facets of society in the hearts and minds of the individuals they reach.”

Describing herself as deeply passionate and sometimes idealistic, Emma looks forward to facing the challenges of university study head-on.

I pride myself on always being open to new opinions and ideas. I chose CSU because I want to learn as much as possible, to be as multi-skilled and multi-faceted as the passion I am pursuing.

Emma Van Veen
Bachelor of Communication (Theatre Media), Dr Peter Hodgson Scholarship recipient

“I hope university will provide me with new experiences that broaden my perspective and skills, and allow me to challenge myself intellectually. This scholarship will help with both my university fees and the transition to living away from home.”