Why give

Why give

Built on a foundation of excellence in teaching and research spanning over 100 years, Charles Sturt University has matured into a dynamic and progressive university. We have over 40,000 students and a clear and important purpose, critical to the success of regional Australia.

We are powerfully committed to positive social change and a desire to help create a world worth living in.

Translated from the Wiradjuri language, our ethos Yindyamarra Winhanganha – the wisdom of respectfully knowing how to live well in a world worth living in, acknowledges the culture and insight of Indigenous Australians and reflects our resolve to enable our students to achieve the professional success they aspire to. We also encourage our students to build meaning and a sense of responsibility from their education.

From solving local problems to world-changing innovation, the idea of harnessing opportunity to help create a world worth living in connects us all to a common goal.

With your help, we are seeking to ensure we remain successful and relevant for years to come.

What we believe

We believe every student should have the opportunity to reach their full potential. This enables them to lead personal, professional and civic lives that help their own communities grow and flourish.We also believe that regional Australia is vital to the nation’s economy. We are committed to ensuring its growth, success and sustainability. This is only possible if regional Australians have the same access to education, health care and other services as everyone else. We recognise we have an important role to play in this.

We are genuinely proud of what we do and what we believe.

Our approach

Our approach

We pursue our beliefs by helping to create flourishing communities, resilient people and sustainable environments. We understand that each is connected to the other, and that the contributions of an individual can create positive change for the many. We are inclusive, not exclusive. We are about results, and our results speak for themselves.

Our achievements

Our achievements

We have Australia’s highest graduate employment rate and our graduates also have one of the highest starting salaries in Australia. We have passionately and successfully driven access to education and made a significant contribution to the economic, cultural and social fabric of our communities and to Australia.

Our future

Our future

Thanks to the generosity, work and investment of many before us, we are now poised to invest in new projects, new research, new facilities and new collaborations. With your support we can build a better world through education outcomes now and for generations to come. You will be helping to change lives.

Our focus

  • A commitment to regional Australia

    We understand the importance of regional Australia to the nation’s economy and are committed to ensuring its growth, success and sustainability.

    Through agricultural sustainability, professional education and services, research and economic impact, Charles Sturt University and its predecessor institutions have successfully contributed to the health, wealth and prosperity of regional Australia for over 120 years, across three centuries. But there is so much more to do.

    With your help we can continue to seek new ways to invest in the future of regional Australia.

  • Designing education for a changing world

    Barriers to education can be varied: financial circumstances, geographic isolation, work and family commitments, or simply fear of the unknown.

    Charles Sturt University is working to break down these barriers by making education accessible through flexible delivery and by offering a range of pathways, scholarships and support services. Our broad course profile and commitment to work-integrated learning ensures we deliver degrees relevant to society’s needs.

    With your help we can ensure education remains relevant, meaningful and accessible in a changing world.

  • Building healthy, safe and vibrant communities

    Community is at the heart of what we do at Charles Sturt University. Whether local communities or global communities of practice, we harness our expertise to ensure they are safe, healthy, vibrant places where people can grow and prosper.

    With a strong commitment to addressing regional needs through innovation, our broad teaching and research profile ensures we contribute expertise, leadership and new knowledge in areas as diverse as: agriculture and wine sciences; allied health; animal and veterinary sciences; business; communication and creative industries; engineering; environmental science; exercise and sports science; arts; social work and human services; IT and computing; medical science and dentistry; nursing, midwifery and indigenous health; policing, law and emergency management; and psychology.

    Through our Higher Degree by Research programs, Charles Sturt University is training the next generation of researchers and professionals who use critical thinking and seek to influence the world for the better.

    Whatever your passion, your assistance can help our communities to flourish.

  • Valuing Australia's Indigenous peoples, knowledge and cultures

    At Charles Sturt University we value the wisdom and culture of Australia’s Indigenous heritage and acknowledge the traditional owners of the lands on which our campuses are located. We are also proud to have the highest Indigenous student enrolment and course completion rates of any Australian university.

    We are committed to valuing Indigenous knowledges, and facilitating equity and social justice for Indigenous Australians. We are proud to be the first Australian university to establish a Graduate Certificate in Wiradjuri Language, Culture and Heritage.

    Your help will ensure we continue to support and celebrate Australia’s Indigenous heritage.

Your support

Your generosity can have considerable impact through:

  • The provision of scholarships for study and practical placements
  • The provision of academic fellowships and cadetships
  • Research and innovation
  • The provision of infrastructure and technology
  • Special initiatives and projects
  • Services and clinics in our communities
  • Artistic and cultural endeavours
  • Collections – books and art

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