Sound Start Project Team

Chief Investigators

Sharynne McLeodProfessor Sharynne McLeod

Sharynne McLeod is professor of speech and language acquisition at Charles Sturt University, Australia. Professor McLeod's research focuses on children's speech acquisition, particularly working to ensure that everyone (particularly children) has the right to participate fully in society. Professor McLeod's research also examines the prevalence and impact of childhood speech sound disorder and links this to policy and service delivery issues.

Elise BakerDr Elise Baker

Dr Elise Baker is a senior lecturer and qualified speech pathologist with the Discipline of Speech Pathology, at the Faculty of Health Sciences. She is involved in the education and training of undergraduate and graduate speech-language pathology students, the supervision of graduate research students, and continuing education activities for qualified speech-language pathologists in her main area of interest: speech sound acquisition and disorders in children. As one of the Chief Investigators on the Sound Start Project, Dr. Baker has a keen interest in finding effective and efficient service delivery solutions for preschool children who have a speech sound disorder.

Jane McCormackDr Jane McCormack

Dr Jane McCormack is a speech-language pathologist and lecturer at the University of Sheffield. Her research has focused on understanding the experiences of individuals with communication difficulties and their families, and interdisciplinary practice. Dr McCormack taught within the speech pathology program at Charles Sturt University 2007-2015 and continues to hold an adjunct appointment with the Research Institute for Professional Practice, Learning and Education at Charles Sturt University.

Partner Investigators

Sue RoulstoneProfessor Susan Roulstone

Sue Roulstone is Emeritus Professor at the University of the West of England (Bristol) and a director at the Bristol Speech and Language Therapy Research Unit. Professor Roulstone's research interests include interests include child and family perspectives, professional judgement and evaluation of speech and language therapy; she has experience with large scale data research and randomised intervention trials.

Yvonne WrenDr Yvonne Wren

Dr Yvonne Wren is a Senior Research Speech and Language Therapist at the Bristol Speech and Language Therapy Research Unit. She has a fellowship from the UK National Institute of Health Research and honorary research fellowships with the University of the West of England and the University of Bristol. Dr. Wren's research interests focus on children's speech development and disorder. She was one of the authors of the original version of Phoneme Factory Sound Sorter programme.

Project Officers

Kate CroweDr Kate Crowe

Dr Kate Crowe is a speech pathologist and the project officer involved with the day-to-day management of the Sound Start study and with data collection. Dr Crowe is a qualified speech pathologist and Australian Sign Language interpreter whose research interests include speech and language in children who use spoken and/or sign languages.

Sarah MassoDr Sarah Masso

Ms Sarah Masso is a speech pathologist with clinical experience working with children with communication difficulties. Ms Masso is a full time PhD candidate at Charles Sturt University and is involved with the day-to-day running of the Sound Start project and data collection. Her PhD study focuses on the relationships between speech sound production, phonological processing and pre-literacy skills.

Research Assistants

Charlotte Howland Charlotte Howland         Tamara Cumming Dr Tamara Cumming