Who pays what when

Please read the information below, bearing in mind that not all sections apply to all students.

Commonly asked questions, which we would like to address are:

  • How and when are bills issued?

    You will normally be issued with statements at least three times per session, planned to coincide with major due dates (i.e. HECS, tuition fees and accommodation charges) and giving you at least two weeks to pay.

    Your statements are sent electronically to your email address on file with the University.

    Your statement from the Division of Finance will show all transactions outstanding at the time of issue, along with any payments received since the last statement.

    In addition to this financial statement, you should also receive an electronic "Commonwealth Assistance Notice" (CAN) direct from Student Administration, which will show your enrolment by subject and amounts payable for each. Your payment option will also be shown, indicating whether you have elected to pay upfront or defer your liability to the Australian Taxation Office. Please note this is not a reflection of your full financial liability with the University, as there may be other charges outstanding e.g. library fines or intensive (residential) school charges etc.

  • What fees do I pay? When are they due? How often are they payable?

    This is the most complicated question. Firstly you need to determine the basis of your enrolment (category of student), which will in turn will indicate your fee due dates. There are several categories of students:

    • Students enrolled under the HECS scheme
    • Fee paying Australian students
    • Fee paying International Students studying on-campus within Australia
    • Fee paying International Students studying outside of Australia

    The basis of your enrolment is shown on your Offer of Admission. If unsure, please contact Student Central on 1800 275 278.

    See below for link to the due dates of the various enrolment types.

  • Higher Education Contribution Scheme (HECS) or Higher Education Loan Program (HELP)

    The amount payable is dependent on the HECS band of your subject(s), their credit point value and number of subjects taken. Details of Charles Sturt's current HECS charges are listed under the "Commonwealth Supported" tab accessible from the University's Tuition Fees page.

    DUE DATES (for upfront payments)

    Payment due dates of current year's fees are listed here.

    If you are enrolled as a HECS student, you will be asked to complete a HECS-HELP option form, nominating how you wish to pay:

    Upfront - means you intend to pay the whole amount of your HECS liability to the University, by the notified due date.

    Deferred - means that you intend to defer your HECS liability to the Australian Taxation Office (ATO), with payment to be made directly to the ATO.

    Safety Net - means you are charged your HECS amount upfront, but you still have the option to defer any unpaid amount to the Australian Taxation Office (ATO).

    More information is available from our Commonwealth Assistance page or from the Federal Government web site StudyAssist.gov.au.

  • Fee Paying Courses

    The amount is dependent on the course or subject(s) undertaken, the academic level of the subject(s) and credit point value of the subject(s).

    Charles Sturt runs many courses which are not government funded. For these courses we charge a fee for service. This includes International students studying in degree programs. For more information contact Student Central or click on the "Associate Student / Single Subject " tab accessible from the University's Tuition Fees page.

    DUE DATES for fee paying students

    Details of Charles Sturt's current tuition fee charges are listed on the University's Tuition Fees page.

    Payment due dates of current year's fees are listed here.

  • Intensive School Fees

    Check current rates for intensive school bookings.

    DUE DATES are also available in the Intensive (Residential) School Information in your distance education packages.

  • Residential Rates

    Details of accommodation and accommodation rates are on our accommodation site or from Student Central.

    DUE DATES are available from Student Central.

  • Internet Charges

    Internet charges depend upon individual usage. You are required to pay for usage in advance and keep your account in credit. Some subjects are given an initial credit by Charles Sturt to get you started. If you exceed your prepaid amount, or incur excess usage charges, your account will be billed in arrears. For more details, visit the University's Division of Information Technology (DIT) website for information on internet charges.

    DUE DATE 14 days from date of invoice.

  • Late Fees

    Various fees may apply to late payment of fees. For a full list, visit the Charles Sturt Fees page and click on "Other Fees and Charges" link.

    DUE DATE 14 days from date of invoice.

  • Overseas Examination Sitting Fee

    This is an administration fee for students studying and sitting exams in countries other than Australia.

    For the current charge, visit the Charles Sturt Fees page and click on "Other Fees and Charges" link.

    DUE DATE 14 days from date of invoice.

  • Review of Grade / Summative Task

    For current charges, visit the Charles Sturt Fees page and click on "Other Fees and Charges" link.

    Payment is to be made up front on application for review.

  • Library Fines

    Fine amounts dependent on the number of books and the amount of time elapsed since the due date.

    Any student/staff/community borrower who fails to return materials to the Library by the due date, or fail extend their borrowing period, will be fined. For more on Library Fine information.

    DUE DATE 14 days from date of invoice.

  • What happens if I don't pay?

    A hold will be entered on your account, which will prevent electronic release of your results and may also prevent you from enrolling in future study sessions.

    At the discretion of the Revenue Services Manager and the Director of Student Administration, your enrolment may be cancelled and your account may be lodged with the University's debt collection agency, which will incur additional costs, which you will have to pay.

    To remove any outstanding financial charges, you can go to our Secure Student Payment Web site and pay your account now. Upon payment of outstanding charges, any financial holds affecting your account will be removed, however you will not be able to view your results until after midnight that day.

  • How can I pay?

    For options on how to pay go to Student Payment Methods.

  • What should I do if I can't pay?

    Whilst some dates for payment are fixed and final, in some instances we may be able to assist with alternate payment arrangements or extensions. It is important, from the University's perspective, to make the distinction between students who can't pay in full and those who won't pay.

    If you cannot pay by the due date, please email Student Central.

    Do not leave it to the last minute to contact us.

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