Fee due dates

If you're wondering when your fee payments are due and how you will be notified, you're in the right place.

You will be sent an email to your registered email address with your tax invoice/statement attached.

Your tax invoice for your tuition fees will be issued at the start of the related teaching period.

The final date to make payment for tuition fees is the Census date! Find out when your Census date is by using the 'Census and fees' filter on the key student dates.

You may receive a tax invoice at any other time due to other charges including:

  • Intensive school accommodation
  • Accommodation charges
  • School related charges
  • Library fines

Your tax invoice will advice of the due dates.

If you can't pay

Whilst some dates for payment are fixed and final, in some instances we may be able to assist with alternate payment arrangements or extensions. It is important, from the University's perspective, to make the distinction between students who can't pay in full and those who won't pay.

If you cannot pay by the due date, please contact Student Central. Don't leave it to the last minute to contact us.

Missed making payment by your census date?

Please see financial cancellations and reinstatements for your options to continue your studies.

Things to know about your tax invoice/statement

  • You will not receive a tax invoice if you have been offered Commonwealth Supported Place (CSP) until you have completed your HECS-HELP eCAF.
  • If you change your enrolment (add or delete subjects), you will receive an updated statement within 7 days.
  • If you make a late change to your enrolment (on census date) you will not receive an updated statement. You can log onto our secure Student Payment page to make your payment and you will receive a payment receipt.
  • If you have nominated to defer your subject fees using a HELP loan, you will receive a Pre-Census Notice and a Commonwealth Assistance Notice instead.
  • If your teaching period has commenced and you are enrolled in subjects and require a tax invoice but have not received one, please contact us.
  • You can still make a full or partial upfront payment/s if you have not received a tax invoice. You can log onto our secure Student Payment page to make your payment and you will receive a payment receipt.