Other costs

Get budget-ready for student life. There's always something else to pay for, especially when you're studying at university.

Meals and accommodation costs often make an early appearance in a budget spreadsheet. However, other living expenses also need to be considered.

Living on campus

As a student living on campus, additional costs to think about may include:

  • eating out
  • social and entertainment expenses
  • bills for the internet, utilities, mobile, etc.
  • textbooks
  • course specific requirements.

Based on what you're enrolled to study, additional costs can range from protective clothing to work materials to computing programs and more.

To get an idea of what these costs might be for you, see the course information section of your chosen degree.

Studying online

If you are an online student, additional costs may include:

  • accommodation, food and travel expenses to attend intensive (residential) schools as part of your course.

An outline of these costs for each session is part of the general intensive school information available from Student Services each session.

Workplace Learning

Learning in a real workplace is an integral part of many courses at Charles Sturt. Some subjects in your course may include a compulsory or optional workplace learning placement (also known as placements, practicums or work integrated learning). Workplace learning assists your preparation for your future work and career. While on placement you will have opportunity to learn and practice industry specific knowledge and skills and connect with potential future employers and colleagues. To find out if any subjects in your course have workplace learning, check the course page.

You'll need to factor in workplace learning costs to your overall course costs; they're not automatically included. You may be required to undertake workplace learning away from your residential address. You may be required to pay for pre-placement compliance requirements, accommodation near the placement site, travel to and from the placement site, along with food and living costs, uniforms and parking. Depending on your situation, students may even also be required to maintain their home expenses while away.

To help make your workplace learning experience that bit easier, we also have a range of grants and other financial assistance to give you a helping hand. Scholarships are available to assist you to meet the costs of attending placement. For example, you may be eligible to apply for our Professional Placement Equity Grant to help with the cost of workplace learning and a Fares Allowance to help with the cost of travel. And don't forget, you may be able to use your student travel concession to make getting there easier.


In addition to course fees, students may be charged for other university costs.

See course fees See additional fees

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