Online SRC

Our role

  • Advance the needs of online students
  • Administer an annual budget and manage expenditure
  • Support student organisations and clubs
  • Communicate with students and staff
  • Advocate for students in the Student Senate

Current projects

  • Weekly Facebook Competitions for all students
  • Scholarships for under graduates and post graduates
  • Assisting online clubs with start up, sponsorship and promotions

Building Connections

  • Connecting with students on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.
  • Liaising with campus SRC executives to organise events for online students attending intensive (residential) schools.
  • Working with campus SRC executives to improve the experience for all students while studying online.
  • Presenting papers regarding student concerns to the University leaders at the Student Senate.

Student Representation

The Online SRC are proud to represent the expectations of Online Study students at Charles Sturt University. If you wish to raise an issue or idea, please get in touch.

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Online SRC Representatives 2022/2023

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