Special consideration

If you have been impacted by recent weather events such as severe storms or flooding, you are eligible to apply for special consideration. Please select Critical Incident as the reason for your request and enter details.

If your studies are disrupted by illness or other serious circumstances, you can apply for special consideration for your subjects.

Before you apply

Step 1

See if you're eligible

To apply for Special Consideration, the circumstances must have been beyond your control and impeded your ability to study or to meet subject requirements.

In most cases, there are specific reasons that you can and cannot apply for Special Consideration (Late Withdrawal excepted). It's important you understand these reasons to avoid your request being refused.

  • Medical reasons.
  • Family/personal reasons - including death or severe medical or personal problems.
  • Employment related reasons - such as a substantial change to routine employment arrangements or status.
  • Administrative problems - such as the late receipt of teaching materials, enrolment errors or delays.
  • Sporting or cultural commitments - where a student has been selected to participate in a state, national or international sporting or cultural event.
  • Military commitments - where a student is a member of the armed forces involved in a compulsory exercise.
  • Legal commitments - where a student is called for jury duty or is subpoenaed to attend a court, tribunal, etc.
  • Severe weather events that impact upon your ability to study.
  • Other events that pose a major obstacle to the student proceeding satisfactorily with their studies.
  • Routine demands of employment.
  • Difficulties adjusting to University life, to the self discipline needed to study effectively, and to the demands of academic work.
  • Stress or anxiety normally associated with examinations, required assessment tasks or any aspect of course work.
  • Routine need for financial support.
  • Lack of knowledge of requirements of academic work.
  • Demands of sport, clubs, and social or extra-curricular activity (other than selection for state, national or international sporting or cultural events).
  • Difficulties with the English language during examinations.

Step 2

Understand the deadlines

You should apply for Special Consideration as soon as possible after the circumstances have occurred.

Check out the time limits for submitting Special Consideration.

Step 3

Prepare your supporting documentation

In most cases, you'll need to supply supporting documentation with your request for Special Consideration.

Without this documentation, your application cannot be properly assessed and may not be accepted.

Step 4

Choose the right type (below)

Before applying for Special Consideration, it's usually best to talk to your Subject Coordinator. They'll be able to give you some guidance.

Each type of Special Consideration has different eligibility criteria. Choosing the right one will help us more quickly assess your application.

Once you've checked that you're eligible, each page below will guide you on submitting your application.

Types of Special Consideration

Choose the type of Special Consideration that applies to your circumstances, make sure you're eligible and then you can apply.