Eduroam (access wi-fi at other universities)

Eduroam (educational roaming) gives you access to wi-fi services at participating educational and research institutions. Use your university login to connect to eduroam to access wi-fi internet, email and university resources at participating institutions. Each institution handles the availability of their eduroam network on their campus.

Eduroam also allows visitors from participating institutions wi-fi access when visiting Charles Sturt University. Other institutions are responsible for the ability to authenticate their students when visiting Charles Sturt University.

Accessing eduroam

Use your university login and a wi-fi capable device that has been configured to connect to eduroam.

Configure your device to use eduroam

  • If your device is connected to eduroam - it is ready to connect to eduroam at a participating institution
  • If you have not connected your device (or deleted the wi-fi settings) - it will need to be configured and selecting eduroam

Connecting your device at a participating institution

Authenticate your login details at a participating institution by using:

  • Username:
  • Password: your Charles Sturt University password

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