Your Internet Access and Account

Your Charles Sturt University Login gives you access to the internet using our network.

While on campus, you can connect to the internet through:

When off campus you can access the internet at other Australian Universities through eduroam.

If your Charles Sturt password has expired, you will be unable to access the Internet on campus.

Your Internet Quota

We currently don't enforce any download quota. Your usage is tracked however and you may be contacted if there is excessive or unusual usage patterns.

Using your Internet Account

  • Authentication for internet access is automatic once you have successfully
    • Connected your personal device to our wireless network (eduroam)
    • Logged into a Charles Sturt learning commons or Lab PC
  • Authentication for internet access form a wired port in a student residence requires the use of the netauth authentication portal.
    • Enter a website address into your web browser (you should be prompted to enter your Charles Sturt username and password).
    • Once you have authenticated you will be presented with 2 options.
    • Click ‘Authenticate this device for internet access’
    • This will load a popup window (you will need to allow popups from this site in your browser settings).
    • You should be redirected to the original internet site you requested.  Sometimes you way have to re-enter the site now that you are authenticated.
    • The netauth pop up window must remain open after you login (closing the window will cut access to the Internet within 10 minutes).

    Note : You should be automatically redirected to the authentication portal when you try to browse to an internet site. If this does not happen you can manually navigate to the portal at

Insert an Internet session for another device

Some students way have devices which are unable to authenticate themselves or are unable to load the netauth authentication portal and keep alive popup.

  • Example : games consoles

For devices like this you can manually authenticate those devices against your Charles Sturt credentials to allow them to access the internet

To manually authenticate a device:

  • Navigate to the netauth authentication portal at (you should be prompted to enter your Charles Sturt username and password).
  • Once you have authenticated you will be presented with 2 options.
  • Select “Authenticate a different device for internet access”.
  • You will be presented with a page to register your device
    • Enter a description of the device example | “My Playstation”
    • Enter the device MAC.  The location of the MAC will vary from device to device but is generally found in network or wi-fi settings. (note the MAC for wireless will be different to the MAC for Wired connections if the device supports both)
    • Select how long you would like to authenticate the device for (maximum time is 24 hrs)
    • Select connect
  • The page can remember the last 5 devices you have previously entered.
  • You can choose to re-register one of these without the need to enter the MAC again
    • Just select the device from the most recent devices list and select connect
  • Authentication could take a minute to process.
  • The device will automatically unauthenticated at the end of the selected timeframe and you will need to authenticate it again if you wish to access the internet form it.

A Particular Service is Unavailable

Note: Some services are always blocked for security policy reasons If you believe a service has been incorrectly blocked you can call student central and log a request for this to be reviewed by the Division of Information Technology.

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