Scholarships and financial advice

University is expensive, the cost of study is one of the biggest barriers for students. We can support you when money is impacting your ability to commit to your studies.

Topics and advice

Once you register for student connect, you can book a confidential one-to-one consultation to talk about a range of topics.

At Charles Sturt there are a number of scholarships and grants available specifically for First Nations students.

Through First Nations Student Connect, you can apply for:

  • First Nations Education Costs
  • First Nations Accommodation and Relocation
  • First Nations Course Commencement Grant
  • Away From Base Grant

There are many more scholarships and grants available for First Nations students.

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If you need assistance completing a scholarship or grant application, book a yarn with a First Nations student adviser.

If you're in crisis or struggling to make ends meet we can help.

The First Nations Student Emergency Equity Grant provides assistance to students who are experiencing financial hardship which is impacting your capacity to study.

New students must have passed the census date of their first session of study to be eligible to apply for this Grant.

As a Charles Sturt University student, you can take advantage of discount pricing on new computers, peripherals, other personal devices and software.

You can also access our First Nations Student Centres 24/7 if you are on campus, where you can access computers, printers and other useful resources.

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