First Nations tutor program

As a First Nations student registered to First Nations Student Connect, you are eligible for up to 10 hours of content-specific tutoring per enrolled subject.

This can assist you when assignments are due, when preparing for exams or just when you need help.

How to register

Tell us what will work for you:

  • face-to-face tutoring
  • using the same tutor you’ve had success with before, or
  • something else.
Step 1

Join First Nations Student Connect

Our tutor program is only available to students registered with First Nations Student Connect.

Register now

Step 2

Sign up for our tutor program

We will match you with a tutor based on the support you need. Requesting a tutor is different based on your student type:

Once you’re matched your tutor will contact you to discuss your tutoring needs.

Make the most of your tutorial

Make the most of your tutor sessions by coming to each session prepared.

Feel free to email your tutor draft assignments, specific questions or topics you’d like to cover.

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