Microsoft Office 365

You have free access to Microsoft (MS) Office 365 ProPlus through the MS Student Advantage Program.

You can install the latest, full-version of MS Office 365 on up to five personal devices (computers, tablets or phones) so you can study where or how you like.

How to install Microsoft Office 365

Login with your Office 365 school account

Your Office 365 ‘school account’ login is a combination of your Charles Sturt username + "". It is not a functioning mailbox and used solely for gaining access to Office 365. It is separate from your Charles Sturt student mailbox.

If prompted, enter your ‘school account’ email address as: (e.g.

  1. Connect your computer device to a power source or ensure you have enough battery. Remain connected to the internet throughout the installation process
  2. Login to your Office 365 Account
  3. Once logged in:
    • Select Your Language
    • Click Install Now

You must be currently enrolled at Charles Sturt University to be eligible for the MS Office 365 ProPlus Licence. Once you have graduated, your MS Office 365 ProPlus licence will expire. To continue using MS Office 365 after your access expires – see purchase an Office 365 subscription.

To maintain access to MS Office 365, you must connect to the internet at least once every 30 days. This allows Microsoft to check your entitlement.

If you don't connect within 30 days, MS Office 365 goes into "reduced functionality mode" (applications remain installed but you can only view and print documents).

You can’t edit or create new documents and will receive a message stating that the product has been de-activated.

  • PC: Word, Excel, PowerPoint, OneNote, Access, Publisher, Outlook, Lync, InfoPath, OneDrive
  • Mac: Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Outlook
  • Office mobile applications are also available for WindowsiPhone, and iPad.

Charles Sturt University does not offer MS Lync or MS Outlook email services to students.

  • Windows PC (Windows 7 or later)
  • MAC (OX X 10.6 or later)
  • iOS: Office for iPad® requires iOS 7.0 or higher. Office for iPhone® requires iOS 6.0 or higher
  • Android: Office for Android™ tablet can be installed on tablets running Android KitKat 4.4 with a minimum screen size of 7 inches and an ARM-based processor. Office Mobile for Android requires OS 4.0 or higher
  • Windows tablet: Office 2013 versions of Word, Excel, PowerPoint, OneNote, Outlook, Publisher, and Access. Windows 8 or higher required
  • Windows Internet Explorer 9 and above
  • Mozilla Firefox 12 and above
  • Apple Safari 5 and above
  • Google Chrome 18 and above
  • Microsoft supported browsers

Using Microsoft Office 365

MS Office 365 is provided by Microsoft. Charles Sturt University will manage accounts and Microsoft will ensure availability of the service.

MS Office 365 will install alongside your current Office installation – see Upgrading to MS Office 365. If you already have a full version of Office installed, you may not need to install MS Office 365.

Open an internet browser (e.g. Internet Explorer, Firefox, Google Chrome, Safari, etc.) session:

  • Navigate to your MS Office 365 Account. You will need to enter your login information:
    1. User Name:
    2. When you 'select' the password box, you will be redirected to the university's login screen
  • When presented with the Charles Sturt University login screen:
    1. Enter your university username and password
    2. Select the 'Settings Icon' (gear-wheel icon)
    3. Select Office 365 settings
    4. Select Software
    5. Select Office
    6. Locate the installation you wish to deactivate and select Deactivate

The MS Office 365 file is 1GB. Download speeds off campus may vary and can be influenced by:

  • Your computer configuration and settings
  • The speed of your connection to the internet
  • Traffic to the Microsoft Portal site at the same time you are trying to access it
  • Load on the overall network at your Internet Service Provider (ISP)

If you download on campus, this will not count against your monthly data allowance.

OneDrive provides you with 1 Terabyte of storage to manage student files. You can access and share files from your phone, tablet, and computer. Access to OneDrive is via the MS Office 365 Portal or OneDrive App from the relevant App Store. There is a maximum file size limit of 2GB and a file/folder count limit of 20,000 files.

Syncing OneDrive business files with your local computer

You can sync your OneDrive data with your local Windows or Mac computer using the OneDrive for Business application.

From your Office 365 Account:

  1. Select OneDrive
  2. Click Sync
  3. Select Get the OneDrive for Business app that's right for me
  4. Select your preferred language
  5. Click Install

Once the install has completed, return to the MS Office 365 portal:

  1. Select OneDrive
  2. Click Sync
  3. Click Sync now
  4. If prompted, select Microsoft OneDrive for Business and set it as the default application

You can edit Word, Excel and PowerPoint documents using MS Office 365 Online.

  • Log in to your MS Office 365 Account
  • Click OneDrive
  • Locate the file you wish to share and click the ... (three-dot menu icon) to the right of the file
  • Click Share
  • Enter the email address(s) for the individual(s) you want to share the file with
  • Click Share
  • The individual(s) you have shared the file with will receive an email notification

Once you have shared a file or folder, the only way to un-share is to go back to the file or folder and remove the sharing permission.

MS Office 365 is a cloud based service. It is delivered from Data Centres in the APAC region out of Singapore and Hong Kong. All email data is encrypted in transit and encrypted at rest inside the Data Centres for security. For further information on MS Office 365 privacy and security, go to Trust Office 365.

MS Lync is a messaging service. Although MS Office 365 installs MS Lync, you currently cannot use it with a Charles Sturt University subscription.

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