Mentoring programs

Navigating the road that is university life is rewarding and challenging, our Mentoring Program is here to help.

From your opening days of study to preparing for your transition into the workforce, our team of mentors are here to give guidance and support your learning and professional development.

Engaging in mentoring will;

  • see you expand peer and professional networks
  • develop employability skills
  • gain new knowledge and insights
  • and prepare for success in study and in your career.

Mentoring is open to all students, whether you’re studying on campus or online.

Mentoring programs

Mentoring programs provide timely and targeted support that meets your needs. Find the program that's right for you!

Become a Mentor!

Do you have excellent communication skills, rich leadership experience or a genuine drive to help other students succeed?

Join the Charles Sturt Mentoring team by signing up to one of the above programs.

The benefits of mentoring

“I think the best mentor relationships are actually mentor-mentor relationships, where both parties show up to learn” – Simon Sinek

Mentoring is widely accepted as a positive influence on the undergraduate student experience – leading to improved academic performance and persistence.

Mentoring also positively influences a student's sense of belonging, capacity for socially responsible leadership, deep and strategic learning approaches, and self-confidence in professional skills and abilities (Lunsford, Crisp, Dolan and Wuetherick, 2009).

As a Charles Sturt Mentor, you will:

  • provide support and guidance to peers in need
  • cultivate an environment of learning, discovery and professional
  • development opportunity
  • connect with a dynamic student community
  • develop your own leadership, communication and employability skills
  • gain fresh skills and perspectives
  • benefit from personalised training and professional development.

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