Orange Student Representative Committee

The Orange SRC (OSRC) puts your needs first. We're here to represent you and make sure university decision-makers understand your priorities.

Our role

  • Advance the needs of Orange students’ with the university.
  • Administer an annual budget and manages spending.
  • Organise and promotes competitions for student studying online.
  • Support their peers, student organisations and clubs.
  • Communicate with students and staff.

What we've worked on recently

  • Expansion of the office space to include storage and space for all clubs with free tea & coffee
  • BBQ & outdoor heaters for the deck
  • Cricket training net
  • Parents room

Your Orange SRC Representatives 2022/2023

General Representative elected in 2022

Bachelor of Health and Medical Science

I would deeply appreciate the opportunity to be apart of the orange student representative council, as I enjoy contributing ideas to increase the enjoyment and quality of student life for all Charles Sturt University students whilst working within a team, through a student run committee. Issues in which I find imperative to being a part of the OSRC are understanding student views and values and how we as a group can represent the students whilst integrating these views into improving campus life and organising social events and activities.

General Representative elected in 2022

Bachelor of Physiotherapy

My name is Matthew Moussad and I wish to once again be apart of the OSRC where I am able to help make a difference to the students within the University and bring lfe to campus. Since working with the SRC team in 2022 I have been able to create events with the team as well as organize great events. With the experiences I have previously been able to gain I am able to continue to make campus and University life fun and enjoyable as it should be. I believe University years are some of the best years of life with the opportunity to mature and develop new skills not everyone is able to experience. I look forward to the new year and being able to meet all the new faces and help make Charles Sturt Orange a fun and enjoyable campus for 2022.

General Representative elected in 2022

Bachelor of Health and Medical Science

I was fortunate enough to be accepted as a general representative and during the first semester, I found out that I love being apart of a group that is responsible for organising events around campus that allow us to be closer as friends and colleagues. I always feel that the best way to give someone something they want, listening is the first step towards it. I love talking and am reputable for good listening skills, whether it's in improving an already existing part of student life, adding something we need or just to spin a yarn - I'm all ears. What else is there to add? You tell me! During my campaigning speech last semester I told everyone "without you, the students, SRC wouldn't exist and I wouldn't have a job". This holds true even now, what can I do for you? Well, what do you want me to do?

I was previously on the SRC in 2019 as a general member and 2020 as secretary. I am applying again because I enjoy being a voice for students to help make university life more enjoyable for all students at CSU Orange. I bring experience to the team and I am also familiar with how clubs work due to being a part of SDA and O'Physo Club. I have also completed the STRIVE leadership program.

I'm keen to bring Orange campus back to life after covid - this will include everyone from all courses

I enjoy being involved with campus life and being a voice for the students to make the campus a more inclusive and enjoyable place.

Joining the SRC will be an amazing opportunity to have a real impact on the social culture of CSU Orange. I’m a driven and creative individual with many ideas on how the SRC can make Orange campus a fun and engaging community for all the students. Some ideas I have are hosting bar nights, karaoke, and food trucks and whatever reason to get together and hang! Aside from my own ideas, I hope to be a contributing member to others ideas and also work hard to achieve our objectives as a team. I’ve got a diverse range of experiences from attending other universities and seeing how they run…to running my own clothing business. I understand the demands of this job and am excited by the prospect of a lasting impact on CSU.

Ensuring students have a voice is key for change at the university. My aim it to change the understanding of what the SRC is able to contribute to the campus and ensure an effective use of funds to benefits the wider student body. Vibrancy, activities, and representation are the issues that I believe are important to the students and I would also like to drive these as key elements that the university need to prioritise. I am a first year Physiotherapy student however come with a wealth of knowledge and experience I would like to use to contribute to the growth of the campus, development of other students’ leadership and support the wider student voice as a whole.

I wish to be a part of the SRC on the Orange campus as I enjoy acting as a voice for the student body, bringing to light the issues, suggestions, and opinions of it's students. My motivation behind applying for a position on the SRC is to make CSU's Orange Campus more enjoyable and inclusive with an aim of encouraging all students to become active and participating members of university life.

I would like to be an advocate for students on campus and assist in organising events to help create a more immersive campus culture.

I would like to re-establish the positive social culture at uni and promote new events and opportunities for all students to be a part of.
I enjoy being a voice for all students to make Orange CSU more inclusive and enjoyable.
I would love to be a voice for the students and create a supportive on campus life for students. I wish to create activities that are supportive,  fun and inclusive.
I would like to be part of the OSRC because I enjoy being the voice of students and would like to make the orange campus more enjoyable and inclusive.
After engaging with members of the SRC, I believe the experience and skillset I possess will be valuable and beneficial for Orange SRC. I would like to be part of a team that supports and speaks for students and creates an environment that is enjoyable and inclusive.
I would like to be part of the SRC to bring the student community closer together through events and inclusivity. I have experience in this area as i have previously studied and completed a Diploma of Events Management and have been a part of event planning committees in the past such as in high school. I think that there are many new objectives that can be reached by the SRC in creating a sense of wellbeing and togetherness for students of all years and disciplines. I have many ideas to bring to the table for this committee.
I enjoy being the voice of the students so I can make Orange Campus more enjoyable and inclusive.
I joined the SRC as an opportunity to contribute and improve student university life. I believe that university isn't just a place to learn but also a place to grow and gain new experiences. The university experience should provide opportunities to connect with your peers and branch out of your comfort zone. my goal for the SRC is to be a voice for current students and to nurture incoming students as they navigate their way through study and university life.