Student mentoring program

Navigating the road that is university life is rewarding and challenging. From learning the basics of writing or study skills to preparing for a job interview and finding work, Charles Sturt Mentoring is a great way to get support - or give guidance – from fellow students.

If you are an experienced Charles Sturt University student, you can become a Mentor, or if you are seeking some support, you can join as a Mentee.

Mentoring is open to all students, whether you’re studying on campus or online.

2021 mentoring programs

Three mentoring programs are open to students this year and focus on:


Resources and guidance for study success at Charles Sturt


Connect to Alumni and build your industry network for future employment and ongoing development.

Taking part in the Charles Sturt Mentor program enables you to build a network of experienced peers and alumni as you study to help future plans.

Connect with a Mentor and mentoring community to learn more, improve your hireability potential and gain self-awareness. Register now.

The benefits of mentoring

“I think the best mentor relationships are actually mentor-mentor relationships, where both parties show up to learn” - Simon Sinek

Research shows mentoring is widely accepted as a positive influence on undergraduate students, including improving their academic performance and ensuring their university persistence.

Mentoring also positively influences a student's sense of belonging, capacity for socially responsible leadership, deep and strategic learning approaches, and self-confidence in professional skills and abilities (Lunsford, Crisp, Dolan and Wuetherick, 2009).

So, what’s in it for you?

The Charles Sturt Mentor program gives back as much as you give:

  • Connection to a community of other students studying a similar course
  • Connection to Charles Sturt University, especially for online students
  • Support, guidance and a place to ask non-subject-specific questions from experienced peers
  • An environment to share and learn about a professional development opportunity.

As a Mentee, you will:
-Gain valuable advice
-Grow your network
-Develop your skills and knowledge
-Improve your communication skills

As a Mentor, you will:
-Develop your leadership skills
-Develop your communication skills
-Gain new skills and perspectivesReg
-Gain personal satisfaction

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