GPA calculator

A Grade Point Average (GPA) is an average calculation of the total of marks received divided by the number of subjects completed.

The following types of grades are included in the calculation of your GPA:

Grade Grade Description Percentage Range*Numeric Value
HD High Distinction 85%-100%7
DI Distinction 75%-84%6
CR Credit 65%-74%5
PS Pass 50%-64%4
FL Fail 0%-49%0
FW Withdrawn Fail 0

* The percentage ranges for the above grades relate to the final scaled aggregate mark for the subject. The scaled aggregate mark for a student may be different from the sum or aggregation of the raw marks awarded for individual assessable items in the subject.

Other grades not included in the calculation of a GPA can be found in the Graduation Policy.

Calculate your GPA

Enter your total number of grades below to calculate your GPA.

The GPA calculator is based on 8 point subjects. If you have completed any 16 point subjects, count each subject as 2, and for 32 point subjects, count each subject as 4.


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