You'll be awarded a grade for each subject you’re enrolled in at the end of each session.

You can view the grades for all completed subjects in your degree on your online transcript.

If you haven't already completed your Academic Integrity or Child Safety subjects, you will need to do this to receive your final grades.

Upcoming grade release dates

For each session, you can look up grade release dates for each session by using the 'results' filter on the key dates page.

Results are available to view on your transcript from 10am on the scheduled release date.

For terms, you should receive your grade around 3 weeks after you complete your subject.

If you are having trouble accessing your grades, troubleshoot our six common scenarios.

What your grades mean

GradeDescriptionPercentage range*
HDHigh Distinction 85%-100%
DI Distinction 75%-84%
CR Credit 65%-74%
PS Pass 50%-64%
FL Fail0%-49%
FWWithdrawn Fail  
FNSFail Non-submission 

* Percentage ranges are the final scaled aggregate mark for the subject. The scaled aggregate mark may not equal the total sum of raw marks for subject assessments.

Other grades and codes you might see

The satisfactory (SY) and unsatisfactory (US) are for subjects where you don’t receive a HD-FL grade. Instead, you are just given a satisfactory or unsatisfactory grade. This grading scale applies to:

  • subjects identified by the Faculty Boards as practical work subjects
  • coursework identified by the Faculty Boards as industrial experience components
  • thesis or other examinable works undertaken in master programs by research and doctoral programs (including research and coursework professional doctoral programs)
  • other subjects approved by the Academic Senate on the recommendation of the Faculty Boards.

A passing grade for a bachelor honours project or dissertation shall indicate the class of honours awarded for the dissertation.

This will not necessarily be the same as the class of honours awarded for the course overall.

Passing grades for project/dissertations are awarded as follows:

  • H1: Class 1
  • H2a: Class 2, Division 1
  • H2b: Class 2, Division 2
  • H3: Class 3

AA: Additional Assessment

You have marginally failed but you have been invited to complete item/s of additional assessment. If you complete the assessment items at the prescribed standard, it will result in you passing the subject.

AE: Additional Examination

You marginally failed a formal exam but you have been invited to sit a further exam. All additional exams are held at the next exam period. You will be sent further details on completing your Additional Examination by email.

AW: Approved Withdrawal

Approval was granted for you to withdraw from the subject without incurring a failure in the subject. This grade may be granted at any stage during the teaching session where misadventure or extenuating circumstances are such as to prevent you from completing the subject within reasonable time and where you were making satisfactory progress at the time the misadventure or extenuating circumstances occurred. At graduation, subjects graded AW are deleted from your transcript.

You must apply for an Approved Withdrawal prior to the end of session.

Go to Special Consideration for more information on Approved Withdrawal and how to apply.

DX: Deferred Examination

An DX (Deferred Examination) grade is granted for a subject on the basis of misadventure or extenuating circumstances which either prevented you from sitting an official examination, or which adversely affected your performance in an official examination. A substantive (final) grade will be awarded when the deferred examination has been held.

You must apply for a Deferred Exam within 3 days of your exam.

Go to Special Consideration for more information on Deferred Exams and how to apply.

FCR: Forward Credit

Credit granted on the assumption you pass an equivalent subject, currently being undertaken at another institution.

GP: Grade Pending

A substantive (final) grade will be awarded when work outstanding is submitted. Assessment must normally be finalised within 12 months.

You must apply for a Grade Pending prior to the end of session.

Go to Special Consideration for more information on Grade Pending and how to apply.

IP: In Progress

Not yet due for final grade; subject taken over two or more sessions. The grade IP will be entered against the subject for each session except the final session when a substantive (final) grade will be awarded.

TA: To Be Assessed

A TA or  *** grade  means your result is not yet available. A substantive (final) grade will be available as soon as it is received from your Subject Coordinator or overseas study partner.

NA: Not Assessed

The student was not assessed in this subject.

PCR: Proficiency Credit

A subject deemed completed in recognition of prior learning where you have demonstrated proficiency in a subject to the satisfaction of the Course Director or Course Coordinator.

Specified, Unspecified and Block Credit

Consistent with the current (2014) Australian Qualifications Framework definitions, credit is specified credit when granted for specific components of a degree or other program of learning. Credit is unspecified credit when granted for components of a degree or learning program that are not specifically identified, such as a block of points, or elective options. Block credit is credit granted towards whole stages or components of a qualification or other program of learning, and is often granted as a certain number of subject points. Block credit may be specified and/or unspecified.

TCR: Transfer Credit

A subject deemed completed in recognition of prior learning via subjects completed in another course at Charles Sturt University or other institution approved by Charles Sturt University for the purposes of the credit policy.

WD: Withheld/Fees Due

The result is withheld for administrative reasons. A substantive (final) grade will be released when the matter is resolved.