Get exam ready! Exam periods are part of the academic teaching calendar. You must sit your exams at the University-determined date and time during the exam period.

Key dates: you can look up exam periods for future sessions by using the 'exams' filter on the key dates page.

The exam timetable is released in Week 10 of Session.

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Preparing for exams

Step 1

Revise and study

The Academic Skills team has guides, videos tutorials and workshops to support your exam preparation.

Start preparing from week 1!

Revision and exams guide

Step 2

Get familiar with your exam type

All of our exams are done online, these guides will help you prepare for each exam format:

  • Take home exam, is where you're provided with the questions  or assessment items in PDF or work format.
  • Online exams, where you use an online system to access the exam questions and submit your responses.
  • Practical exams, completed in real-time with your lecturer using a video conferencing system.

Exam rules

Before your exam

Get familiar with exams rules and your responsibilities when sitting an exam. Breaking the rules is a serious matter. To avoid potential penalties, refer to:

During your exam

You must:

  • read and follow the instructions on the exam materials
  • complete your exam within the scheduled time allowed.

You must not:

  • let someone else sit the exam for you
  • use your phone or communicate with anyone else during the exam
  • copy or save any components of the exam
  • contact and work with other students to complete the exam
  • copy texts from subject content, readings, resources, websites and other materials to answer exam questions. You must write your own responses to questions in exams.

Unauthorised materials

You may face disciplinary action if you are found to be using unauthorised materials:

Read further information on the Student Misconduct Rule 2020.

If you have a disability, medical condition or a temporary injury, our Disability Liaison Officers can assist you in determining whether the standard examination conditions can be altered to meet your specific needs. The arrangements can be temporary for this exam period only or in effect for the duration of your study.

If you believe you require alternative exam arrangements, please contact Accessibility and Inclusion support services.

IMPORTANT: Assessment of your needs and determination of alternate exam arrangements takes time, and there is a deadline for those arrangements to be in place. Contact a Disability Liaison Officer to start the process as early as possible in the year or session.

Alternative exam arrangements

Your exam timetable will be updated to show your alternative exam arrangements.

Most alternative exam arrangements, such as sitting in your own room or needing extra time for your exams, will be translated to the new online exam format.

If you have other types of alternative exam arrangements and you’re unsure how these will work during the online exams, please email the Accessibility and Inclusion support team.

There are steps to follow if you feel unwell during your exam, or unable to sit your exam due to misadventure or circumstances beyond your control.

If you:

Showing of workshops and events

Exam help and support

Answers to common questions

All exams will be in Australian Eastern Daylight Time (AEDT) time zone.

For example, if you have a 1.00pm (AEDT) exam on Tuesday 27 October 2020 and you live in Perth (WA), your exam will be at 10.00am (AWST) on Tuesday 27 October 2020. If you live in Brisbane (QLD) your exam would be at noon (AEST).

If you live outside Australia, the date may even be different.

Convert time zones

If you have problems completing your online exam and do not submit your online exam in time, contact your Subject Coordinator as soon as possible.

If you couldn’t complete your exam due to illness or misadventure, you have up to three working days after the exam date to apply for a deferred exam using Request for Special Consideration.

You can request special consideration to:

  • Apply for a deferred exam to resit your exam in the next exam period
  • Apply for an approved withdrawal from the subject so you don’t receive a fail grade for the subject on your transcript.

For medical reasons, complete the Charles Sturt University Student Medical Certificate form.

For non-medical reasons, please advise your Subject Coordinator and attach third party evidence and a statutory declaration with your request.

Technology time allowances will be given to most time-limited exams. If you receive technology time allowances, this is displayed on your exam timetable.

Exam timetables are released in Week 10 of the Session.

We will continue to work with you on your study adjustment plans and how this changes due to exams going online.

Yes, will ensure study adjustment plans continue, please ensure you talk this through with your Disability Liaison Officer.

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