Crown and bridge work

Crowns and bridges are used to fix damaged teeth or change the appearance of your teeth.


We will usually recommend a crown to fix a badly broken, cracked or decayed tooth. They provide the tooth with added strength, and durability. They can also improve the appearance of the tooth or teeth when necessary.

Treatment process

  1. We first assess the tooth and plan the process of making and fitting the crown. This may take two appointments.
  2. We then cut the tooth back to make space for the crown.
  3. Now we need to take a model of your teeth with a soft gel or a digital scanner.
  4. We provide this image to a dental technician to create the crown and match the colour of your teeth.
  5. We'll give you a temporary crown while the technician creates the crown.
  6. Once the crown is ready, we'll fit it to you tooth.


We use a dental bridge to replace missing teeth. If you've had a tooth removed, we may suggest this as an option.

Treatment process

  1. The steps are similar to the process of creating a crown.
  2. Once we have a model of your teeth, we add a crown either side of the missing tooth.
  3. We then create a false tooth (crown) to replace your missing tooth.
  4. Finally, we then connect all three crowns via a bridge to hold them in place.

More information

The Australian Dental Association has more information on crowns and bridges.