Student clinics

By choosing a student clinic, you'll be helping to grow the next generation of dentists in your community. You'll also get a very affordable and fully supervised service.


Our students are fully supervised during each treatment. A registered dentist will provide guidance and can also assist with the treatment if required.


Because we appreciate the time you spend to help train our students, the cost for each procedure is substantially less than with a registered dentist. You'll get more information about the costs at the time you book.

Private health cover and Medicare

Please be aware that services provided at our student clinics cannot be claimed via Medicare or your private health insurance. This is because our students don't have provider numbers for claims to be lodged against.

Time commitment

At our student clinics, we talk you through everything we do and we're very thorough with each procedure. This also means that our students may take longer than our registered dentists, so you'll need to set aside a bit more time than usual.