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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Course Review, Design and Development Policy (CRDDP)?

The CRDDP outlines the university-wide process and components of course design. The policy fulfils external requirements for course design and relies on contemporary research to promote best practice and drive excellence in the course design process.

Read the CRDDP here.

What is the course design process?

The course design process outlines CSU procedures for iterative and collaborative design, and constructive alignment of learning experiences to meet the needs of student learning. The process applies to both new courses and courses undergoing review.

Where can I find help with the course design process?

You can find information, instructions and resources on the course design process on the Professional Learning section of this page and in the Course Lifecycle Handbook.

Is there any professional development to help with course review or design?

Professional learning will soon be available for those directly involved in course review, design and development on the Course Design webpage. In the interim, please contact your Course Design Lead for support:

What is the difference between review, design and development?

  • Review is a scheduled process which includes evaluation of the quality and performance of an existing course.
  • Design is the creation of new courses for which the university has identified a need.
  • Development is the building of the course design elements in preparation for delivery at subject level.

How is CourseSpace used for course review and design?

In CourseSpace, a course team can work collaboratively on the course design process. Feedback collected throughout this process is used to ensure quality and is used in submissions for Faculty Course Committee approval. CourseSpace also provides evidence of alignment of the components of the course to address TEQSA and industry standards and can be used in external accreditation submissions.