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Quality course design

Whether a course is new or selected for review, course review, design and development at CSU is a collaboration between Course Directors, their course teams, the Division of Learning and Teaching and the Division of Library Services. It follows a standardised, university-wide and phased process.

To ensure quality courses that fulfil student learning, the CSU Course Design Process (CDP) guides course teams in addressing the requirements of:

Also embedded in the process is approval of Indigenous Australian curriculum content via the Indigenous Board of Studies, as per the Indigenous Australian Content in Courses policy.

Quality course design is supported by the bespoke software CourseSpace, developed by CSU. Course teams use the software to record the design of the course, assessment tasks, subjects and modules. CourseSpace provides evidence of alignment of the components of the course to meet TEQSA and industry accreditation standards.

Note: If you would like to discuss course design, the process of designing courses at CSU or need assistance with CourseSpace, send an email to