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Open Education at CSU

What is Open Education?

CSU has developed a draft CSU open education strategy in 2016 to be formally considered and discussed in 2017. We see Open Education as being wider than Open Education Resources (OERs) and Open Content.

Open Education is the adoption of practices which support the (re)use and production of open education resources (OER) through institutional policies, promote innovative pedagogical models, and respect and empower learners as co ‚Äźproducers on their lifelong learning path. (The Open Educational Quality Initiative (OPAL) Report, Beyond OER: Shifting Focus to Open Educational Practice, 2011, p.12).

Open education is the umbrella term that covers everything we're doing with openness as a lever to try to expand access to educational opportunity to the entire world. OER are part of it; open teaching is part of it, open access is to research part of it, open assessment is part of it, open badges and other open credentials are part of it, open policies are part of it, etc. (Wiley, 2012).

How is CSU formally connected internationally?

CSU is a member of the following organisations:


Open Education Consortium

What is CSU doing about this?

CSU is already engaged in Open Education in a number of ways that include:

  1. Supporting Open Pathways Tasters and open webinars with facilitation, learning design and learning resources development.

    CSU staff can:
  2. OERu, that is a global group of tertiary educations working together to make tertiary content freely available. OERu courses can be assessed towards academic credit through one of the partner institutions, which means that for a fraction of the full tuition costs, students can get formal credit recognised around the world. The formal assessments are optional.

    OERu thus connects learners around the world with defined pathways to education, created by recognised educators and assessed by renowned global institutions. The learning is free and credentialing is very affordable.

    CSU developed the Indigenous Australian OERu courses and is busy developing a second OERu course. At any stage students can complete the online form for the assessment of these OERu subjects.
  3. CSU led the OpenEdOz Project that developed a National Roadmap for an Australian Open Education Strategy, fostering relevant uptake of Open Educational Resources (OER)  and Open Courses.
  4. Using external educational technologies to publish lesson content to platforms like YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, in line with the External Educational Technologies for Learning and Teaching Policy and Guidelines.

Where can I find more information?