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Think Pieces 2019


Working Together for Student Success

This theme integrates and explores how all activities and endeavours at CSU should focus ultimately on the success of our students.

Examples of such activities – given that it encompasses all services and  every staff member at CSU:

  • research-informed teaching
  • research
  • course and subject design
  • CSU values and GLOs
  • assessment, moderation and other QA processes
  • learning and teaching support in all its forms (library, learning technologies, learning analytics, direct student support, ICT, student administration services, etc.)
  • digital and physical learning environments be it formal or informal (including residences, campus spaces, grounds work, societies and sport, etc.)
  • digital and printed learning resources and materials
  • HR services, Finance, etc.

The Think Pieces 2019 Project provides an opportunity for an ongoing, open dialogue about how some of the CSU community are thinking about these challenges and opportunities.

These think pieces can be tracked down in Yammer ( by searching for the word "pieces". Looking forward to your comments/"replies" in Yammer on these respective think pieces.


Due DatePresenterFocus
May 13 Jenny Roberts Our Student Strategy: Defining and embedding a student-centred culture
  James Kelly and Isabel Fox Why living on campus boosts student’s chances at success
May 27 Paul Worsfold Moving from “graduate employability” to “lifelong employability”
  Janine Friedrich Improving access to subject resources for improved student success
Jun 11 Annette Goodwin and Susanna Chittick Mapped & Enacted across Curricula: Information Literacy for Future Ready Graduates
Jun 24

Elaine Rodrigues and Dr Jeffrey Gosper

From Study Ready? To Study Ready! – An initiative to ease students’ transition to university
Jul 22 Deb Murdoch Benchmarking assessment - raising quality through external referencing of assessment
Aug 5 Isabel Fox and Residence LIFE Student Leaders Supporting students to live their best lives: programs for positive culture change around personal responsibility, wellbeing and academic success.
  Kogi Naidoo Inspiring Teachers enables Student Success!

Think Pieces 2019 Interactive Webinar/Video-conference Forum – 16th August 10am to 12 noon – 3 minutes optional summary presentation – reflections by Andy Vann

Aug 19 Michael Kemp Quality Assurance and Reflection (QUASAR) System – Changing the focus from one person ticking some boxes, to a subject team reflecting on a subject with help from divisions to improve the student experience
Sep 2 Pip Southwell Loco Parentis: a parent in place – pastoral care in academic practice. Academic reflections on the provision of social and pastoral care to students to support learning in diverse student cohorts.
Sep 16 Kath Herbert and Annette Goodwin Strengthening student success: Utilising collaboration to provide equitable access to resources
Sep 30 Lucy Webster, Kelly Linden, Warwick Baines, Harriet Ridolfo, Julie Lindsay, Prue Gonzalez and Donna Mathewson-Mitchell Engage and Thrive: Working together for student success
Oct 14 Mazin Yousif and Dr Jeffrey Gosper Discipline Support Leader (DSL) – Harnessing Peer Power: How high achieving students can support struggling peers
Oct 28 Sam Tiernan, Ged Bourke, Sandi Boyd and Wendy Barker Quick Wins for Accessibility: Collaborating to make it easier for academics to create a more accessible teaching and learning experience for students
Nov 11 Narelle Patton, Liz Bracken and Matt Winslade University leaders working together for student success in WPL
  Geoff Simmons and Judy Redman Mindfulness for Wellbeing and Academic Success Program
  Jay Cohen Same Same But Different: First Year Assessment in Online Higher Education

Think Pieces 2019 webinar on Friday, 22 November – 3 minutes optional summary presentation – reflections by Andy Vann