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Technologies for Learning and Teaching

Technology is an integral part of higher education.  In addition to opportunities created in online learning, learning technologies also form the foundation of much on-campus teaching.

The effective use of learning technologies is first founded in quality learning design.  From there, appropriate technologies and learning resources are selected to enable the intended design.

To support the use of learning technologies, these pages provide information on:

  1. where to get help on CSU's learning technologies
  2. the available core technologies to underpin learning and teaching

The Learning Technologies Unit (LTU) officially concluded its work on 20th December 2019. It signs off after 11 years given the new DLT structure. To celebrate with gratitude, here are two accounts of key achievements of LTU since 2008: a summary , and a presentation prepared by a team member titled “Focus on the Future - A future based on a successful past” that has an abridged visual history of LTU.