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CourseSpace logoCourseSpace is a collaborative online environment that supports the Course Design Process at CSU.

Using CourseSpace, a course team can collaborate to develop a course, evaluate it and submit it for internal and external accreditation. The software is comprised of design modules that enable a course team to frame a course, map standards, build authentic course outcomes, build assessment tasks and subjects within a fully integrated, mapped, and scaffolded design approach. Feedback can be generated at all stages of the design and implementation process, for all levels of use, making "just in time" course correction possible.

When the course design is complete, CourseSpace can be used to prepare an accreditation submission, and accreditors can review the course online in the software.

Registered users can access CourseSpace at

CourseSpace Design

CourseSpace is custom-built software for CSU by Anomaly Software, using an agile methodology that allows us to make incremental changes to the software based on user feedback. The required changes are documented in 'user stories' - short descriptions of what end users of the software need to be able to do. The changes are done in 'sprints' - a 4 week period during which the software is modified, tested and implemented. Each 'sprint' will implement a number of 'user stories'.

CourseSpace is also regularly updated to fix any issues (or bugs) identified by users.