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Sprint Schedule

Improvements are made to CourseSpace through Sprints, short periods of modifying, testing and implementation.

Sprint Key Benefit Status Go Live Date
11(b)Export of secondary standards matrix; Creating new version of course; bug fixesLive26 September 2017
11(a)Secondary standards content matrix; Changes to the Subject Mapper; Bug fixesLive19 July 2017
10 Usability improvements; Improvements to Assessment Tasks; Products exports Live12 April 2017
9 Usability improvements; Improvements to Assessment Tasks; Exports Live 22 February 2017
8 Bug fixes; reminder to save work; showing shared subjects; make course cloning a background job; improve performance of feedback report; Assessment Criterion per assessment task export Live 14 December 2016
7 Exports: Assessment Task Description; Subject Description; Integrated Standards Matrix; Assessment Task Matrix; new format for feedback comment export Live 26 October 2016
6 Improvements to feedback - reports Live 6 July 2016
5 Improvements to feedback - develop detailed feedback interfaces; feedback export; data migration Live 6 July 2016
4 Improvements to feedback - design and develop user interface prototypes for likert graphs; data migration Live 6 July 2016
3 Usability improvements Live 6 July 2016
2 Associating assessment to subproducts and seeing the linking between assessment - product - integrated standard on one screen Live 9 Dec 2015
1 Prepare software for new feature development Live 5 Oct 2015

When the updates are made live, users will need to clear their browser cache. Details of how to do this will all browsers are available at

Sprint Details

Sprint #12

Introduce new functionality

  • PDF version of the primary & secondary accreditation matrices
  • A description for modules, and module export to PDF
  • Ability to include electives in the enrolment pattern
  • Query function to see which subjects are in which course, and the subject description for a selected subject
  • Course & Subject modifications include subject versioning & approval


  • Recording of history (audit log)

User Experience changes

  • New landing page including
    • List of courses related to the user showing waypoint progress
    • A view of recent activity in your courses
    • Pinning course items for quick access
    • Global search across courses, products, assessment tasks, subjects, modules (based on permissions)
    • Access to the subject query function
    • Access to the audit log for a given course
    • Upcoming events defined in the planner
  • New editor including the ability to have tables, and improved copy and paste

Primary Standard

  • Course Creation can occur without having to select a primary standard
  • Primary standard will be set after Baseline by Course Director
  • Be able to change the primary standard for a course

Sprint #11(b)

New editor

  • introducing the Froala editor which enables more rich text

User Experience changes

  • Improved consistency of the Integrated Standards export
  • Data fix for feedback on imported subjects

Sprint #11(a)

Key changes

New Feature: Secondary Standards matrix

  • Shows alignment to a selected secondary standard & all its criterion, such as show how a course aligns with the GLOs

New Feature: Administration for Assessment Task type

  • Able to add or update the list of assessment task types used in design
  • The new list of assessment task types was introduced in Sprint 9

Enhancement: Course Approval

  • Fixed the Course approvals so that CourseSpace is aligned with the Course Design Process including
    • Referencing the Waypoints (eg. Committee Stage 1 is now Waypoint 1)
    • Converting the status of all courses
    • Session-id is added to the course version identifier when approved after FCC approval (eg. Bachelor of Teaching (Primary) now shows 201530)
    • Creating new versions (rollover after approval)
    • Correction of permissions as to who can do what

Enhancement: Subject Mapper:

  • Fixed handling of enrolment patterns
    • Removed the incorrect classification of enrolment patterns
    • Renamed the button to "add enrolment pattern" (instead of "add elective sequence)
  • Added an export to extract a list of subjects, and all enrolment patterns that can be used for entry into CASIMS

Enhancement: Alignments

  • Consistent naming of alignments within CourseSpace
    • Single alignments are named "Connect"
    • Double alignments are named "Major" or "Minor"

Enhancement: Feedback Activity Report

  • Improved usability by adding the ability to select/de-select users for display

Sprint #10

Key changes:

  • Ability to have Assessments use the Satisfactory/Unsatisfactory mark
  • Export of the Product matrix
  • Prevent loss of work through
    • Confirmation before you delete
    • Improved save reminder
  • Introducing system message on the front page before going into CourseSpace.
  • Usability & Improvements to existing functions
    • Consistent working of FCC comments in FCC feedback
    • Integrated Standards Secondary Review function has an improved navigation
    • Assessment Task Matrix can select assessments of interest instead of scrolling
    • Shared Subject indicator now shows list of courses using the subject
    • Numbers on Feedback questions are now more reliable

Sprint #9

Key changes:

  • Introducing an accreditation content matrix
    • Show how we meet the primary standard through our subjects, subject outcomes, assessments, learning experiences and modules.  Displays alignment at the subject outcome level
    • Includes the ability to export all data to Excel spreadsheet
  • Introducing a new list of assessment types
    • The drop down menu now includes a comprehensive list of assessment types, categorised as written, oral, online, visual and other, with 86 different types of assessment tasks listed across the categories. Assessment types to be included were gathered through an extensive consultation process that included academics, course directors, educational designers, QLT advisors, the Course Design Working group, subject outline (MSI) developers and literature.
    • Increased the visibility of assessment type & value on matrices, mappers and exports to assist with the design analysis
  • Minor usability changes
    • Adding assessment details to the Subject Export to PDF
    • Improved Secondary Review left hand menu to just list the standards

User stories from previous sprints