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What is learning spaces - in general, the agreed upon understanding of a "learning spaces" in the context of higher education institutions is that, while the term specifically points towards the physical "area" in which teaching and learning occurs, it also includes other, less literal spaces, such as the digital and cognitive (Oblinger, 2006). Furthermore, learning spaces are not just the places but also the ways in which we engage our students in active learning . It is increasingly vital that we move away from the traditional notion of "classrooms" and move into a greater understanding of "learning spaces" that encompasses not the dissemination of knowledge but the shared experience of learning (Acode, 2013).”

"Active, flexible and connected spaces that enable rich engagement between staff and students"

Port Macquarie CSU's innovative and flexible learning spaces include on-campus while extending beyond the campus to a connected online/off campus life. Learning and teaching (Pedagogy) was front of mind when it comes to designing and implementing CSU's learning spaces while at the same time bridging with connected classrooms to extend beyond the campus and provide flexible learning life for on-campus and online students.

CSU intentionally designed spaces that is flexible, modular and vibrant with inspiring colours, practical collaborative surfaces to partner up with learner centred technology to focus on providing authentic, active learning and research performance goals. Save

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Learning Spaces   Learning Spaces

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