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Bathurst Engineering

Designed to be welcoming and offers a space to converse, learn and inspire

The Charles Sturt University Engineering building was designed in a way that changes the concept of engineering. The facility represents the key values that set Charles Sturt University Engineering apart; entrepreneurship, industry participation, innovation, diversity and the opportunity to make a significant contribution to the professional world.

Students own the spaces and make it the way they see fit in their learning and university life. With this in mind, the spaces and building was designed as a character of the story for the school, not just as a backdrop according to Euan Lindsay (Professor in Engineering), it was to play a proactive part of learning for the students. This means the spaces help build the different skills for students while other spaces help build cohorts, bonds and collaboration competencies to match graduate outcomes to industry.

The way Student Engineers interact with the facility is unique. Student Engineers and staff come together in an open plan space, and rather than lectures, participate in group-learning workshops to challenge thinking, support authentic higher order thinking and provide practical experience.

As a result, this building is designed also to support Charles Sturt University Graduate Learning Outcomes in areas of Professional Practice, Information & Research Literacies, Lifelong Learning and Global Citizenship that promotes students to be agents of change.

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Bathurst engineering building    Bathurst engineering building    Bathurst engineering building    Bathurst engineering building