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Practice-based Education (PBE) is a curriculum model or approach that educates people for practice in a profession, occupation or discipline. It is a social practice of curriculum design and realisation, by course teams and stakeholders (including students, professions, industry partners, external educators, accreditation bodies, regulatory authorities and consumer communities).

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Using a PBE approach, course teams create curricula by translating visions and goals for their cohorts in consideration of the context, inherent characteristics of the discipline/profession and the interests of students and other key stakeholders. PBE pedagogies or teaching and learning strategies encompass both the purposes and activities of these strategies. Pedagogies employed in PBE curricula are many and varied; ideally courses incorporate a blending of pedagogies.

Examples of PBE activities include: small group learning, workplace learning, online learning, lectures, role plays, case studies, assignments, assessment and feedback, using open education resources, YouTube, self-directed learning, community engagement, peer learning, service learning, visits to workplaces, tutorials, assignments, residentials, laboratories, open education resources, professional conferences, volunteering, self-reflection, flipped classrooms, simulated workplaces as learning activities and course frameworks.

PBE is a core feature of CSU's Curriculum, Learning and Teaching Framework and the pursuit of good practice in PBE is a key aspect of CSU's Strategy. PBE supports our goal of promoting "learning for life and work" and CSU's ethos which is clearly described by the Wiradjuri phrase: 'yindyamarra winhanga-nha' ('the wisdom of respectfully knowing how to live well in a world worth living in'), acknowledging the culture and insight of Indigenous Australians.

The Learning Academy in the Division of Student Learning provides leadership in PBE at CSU and works with Faculties, Divisions and the Workplace Learning Network to promote and deliver quality PBE across our curricula.