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WPL implementation

What are the phases involved in running a quality workplace learning (WPL) program?

From rationale to action and revision, the information included in the following graph will help you plan, design and implement WPL programs. The useful links and resources provided will also ensure good WPL experiences not only for students, but also for professional and academic staff as well as industry partners and WPL educators.

More information

A series of modules have been developed to enhance understanding of practice-based education and WPL. The following modules contain useful information for successful WPL implementation.

  • Module 2: Roles and Responsibilities. This module outlines the roles and responsibilities of all stakeholders in providing successful experiences for students.
  • Module 3: Education in WPL. This module provides an overview of the main learning theories that underpin WPL.
  • Module 5: Key goals of WPL. In this module the goals of WPL are described to provide a context for the issues that face stakeholders in WPL implementation.

Using mobile technology can be a good way of solving some of the dilemmas we face when implementing WPL. In this video Professor Franziska Trede outlines some practical ideas.